Bedtime Story with the 2 boys...

Bedtime Story with the boys… (Photo credit: Јerry)

Welcome to a world filled with Millions of Stories!

Our mission is to tell 1.2 million stories all around the world and collect 1.2 million children’s smiles in solidarity for the 1.2 million children being trafficked each year.

Additionally, we promote storytelling as a means through which to help children build their self-confidence and set a solid foundation for growing in happiness throughout their lives.

Storytelling is a good way to teach our children the most important values, such as

  • Perseverance
  • Courage
  • Positive attitude
  • Healthy habits
  • and so much more…

Join us in this adventure by registering to our Story-A-Thon!

Happy storytelling!

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Slow Down… Tell a story to your kid!

Slow Down

Slow Down (Photo credit: pixelfreund.ch)

Have you ever caught yourself in the urge of expediting the bedtime story for you kid in order to be able to quickly get back to important work to be done at night?

Have you ever been looking for short bedtime stories online? Maybe 1-minute bedtime story?

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What the Hell(.com) are they doing to these kids?

Hell.com, de Patrick Senécal

Hell.com, de Patrick Senécal (Photo credit: Alexandre Lemieux)

About 2 years ago, I read a novel titled Hell.com, from Patrick Senecal (which is apparently only available in french). This is an horror novel, probably the most horrible this author have ever written, at least from my perspective.

Here is a free translation of the description you can find on Amazon with the link above.

“Since he took the head of the real estate company of his father, Daniel Saul became one of the richest businessmen in Quebec. In the early forties, beautiful, getter, intelligent and pitiless competition and losers, Daniel has it all and does not hesitate to take the rest. When Martin Charron, financial and former colleague of college offers to join a secret website where everything – really everything! – is possible for those who attend, Daniel knows he can not refuse to register. Is he not a “powerful of this world”, as his father was before him, and like Simon, his teenage son which he has sole custody on, will turn? Now what Daniel Saul forgot is that one never goes to hell, there goes! And the depth which is unfathomable, will soon equal that of his despair!”

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4 continents covered!

We now have storytellers from 4 differents continents! We’re approaching our first milestone, which is to tell a story in each continent of the world.

Storytellers from South America and Africa, we need you! Register to our Story-A-Thon now and help fight against children trafficking!

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