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Tell me a story black history event

“Tell me a story” Black History Event (Photo credit: heraldpost)

Help raise awareness of child trafficking and exploitation around the world.

This is the largest Story-A-Thon ever, and possibly the first as well! Our collective goal is to tell 1.2 million stories all around the world and make 1.2 million children smile in solidarity for the 1.2 million children being trafficked each year.

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Join now – It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Fill the quick form below to tell us which story you recently told your children
2. Then share this post in your social networks to tell your friends to do the same.
3. That’s it, you’re in! You made a difference and you can feel proud about it




Why a Story-A-Thon?

1.2 million of parents telling stories to their children is a strong symbol in solidarity for the 1.2 million children trafficked around the world each year . With this small action from each of us, we can set a Guinness World Record and raise awareness for those children who can’t speak for themselves.

Children trafficking is possibly the worst violation of human rights one can imagine. The rights of children to live freely and to grow with their loving parents are priceless and must be respected at all costs.

Who can participate?

Any person who cares about child well-being is welcome in this Story-A-Thon. Parents, teachers, day-care personal, anyone is welcomed to tell stories to the children in their life, make them smile and make a difference for those children who perhaps haven’t smile for a long time.

Where can I get more information about children trafficking and exploitation?

Wikipedia has a very exhaustive article on Trafficking of Children, which is a must-read.

Not convinced yet?

Then, listen to this TED Talk by Sunitha Krishnan, telling the stories of children rescued by her organization from forced child labour and exploitation. The knowledge she shares make it clear that these children need out help in raising awareness of their plight.

We sometimes hear in the news about missing children. We know that the chance of finding them after the initial 24-48 hours have past is greatly reduced. What we’re not aware of is what happen to these children, while their parents are looking for them, for years and years. Krishnan unveil their terrible destiny in this elucidating speech.

  • Warning: Watching this video will change your idea of child abuse forever, you may not be able to forget it.

Now it’s time to show your child how much you love them – tell them a story and register to this Story-A-Thon in solidarity to children in need.

Together, we can take action and make a difference! 

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